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We are open Monday through Friday for your convenience. For more information please view our Contact Us page.

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About Us

We have two of the best chiropractors in the Manchester area. Dr. John Kosinski and Dr. April Kosinski both graduated from Sherman College of Straight Chiropractic. Our purpose is to help people regain and maintain their health for the rest of their lives.

Our chiropractors can help treat neck pain and back pain. They can also treat a number of other problems you would not normally associate with the spine. Our treatments include; adjustments & manipulation, therapeutic exercises, x-rays and massage therapy.

Why Us?

Here at East Coast Chiropractic we are dedicated to serving you. We want you to have the best chiropractic experience you have ever had. This goes beyond the actual chiropractic treatment. We are very personal in how we answer the phone, greet you when you enter, take time to sit with you and listen to what is going on. We stay on-time for your chiropractic appointments and see you at your actual scheduled time.

We offer unique chiropractic care in Manchester, NH. Contact us to schedule an appointment today!